Books > The Anthology Project Volume 2
  • Nocturnal Meatness

    by Andreas Schuster
  • Lost Bliss

    by Aurélie Neyret
  • It's a Disorder

    by Darren Rawlings
  • Hit and Run

    by Edward Kwong
  • The Seven Windows

    by Emily Carroll
  • Regulus Regulus

    by Florent Sacré
  • Semper Fi

    by Haylee Herrick
  • Theseus

    by Jake Wyatt
  • Under the Moon

    by James Walsh
  • Simon

    by Jed McGowan
  • Hundreds and Thousands

    by Jeffrey Thompson
  • Final Catch

    by Joy Ang
  • Hello

    by Katie Shanahan
  • Harry

    by Kim Smith
  • Lust

    by Marcelo Lelis
  • Cacophonic Concatenation

    by Matthew Goldman
  • The Immortality Engine

    by Nick Thornborrow
  • Vacuum Cleaner

    by Roman Muradov
  • Turtle Soup

    by Sam Bosma
  • Panic and the Moon

    by Sam Bradley
  • Hagion Pneuma

    by Thomas Wellmann